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Catherine Rees - Purely Wellness

Hello, I’m Catherine and I am the founder of Purely Wellness Coaching.

It is human nature to want to get the best out of life. We want to work hard, enjoy family time and strike the correct balance that allows us to do both without too many compromises.

Yet, often, you will find that you feel you are walking a fine wire, while juggling and fielding a barrage of questions ranging from “can you get me 600 wedding favours made by tomorrow?” to “when will that report be finished?” and “what is for dinner?” and you can be forgiven for feeling that the work/life balance you had hoped for seems a distant memory or just unattainable.

You get caught up in the here and now of an event triggered reaction and often lose sight of who you are (and the many versions of you). This is where Purely Wellness can help support and guide you back to you.

By working as a team, we can set new goals that are specific and measurable help you overcome the stumbling blocks that have found their way into your life. Whether those blocks appear within your career, relationships or health, Purely Wellness Coaching understands that by coaching YOU as a whole, your wellness, you can learn techniques to navigate you towards success.

My coaching style is very relaxed and can incorporate a wide range of techniques including talking, outdoor activities or even drawing. I work with you to understand how you will be most comfortable and adopt a style appropriate to getting the best result for you.

If you would like to know more you can visit my website, have a look over Facebook or simply give me a call and we can talk about YOU.

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