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Agile, Remote or Home working - however you want to do it, you will find our most flexible roles here!

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Flexible Workplace

Want to work for multiple employers, have issues with childcare or just want to work when you are the most productive!

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Refresh or Re-train

Sometimes we need to get skills to allow us to move in to a more flexible field of work, let us help you do it flexibly!

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It's the future.

Whether you are a parent who doesn't want to lose 50% of their salary to childcare, or a teenager who wants to have plenty of 'down time'‚Äč, a graduate who wants to work for a few different employers to rapidly build their experience for better career progression, a carer who needs some adult interaction and some work life validity, or a grandparent who wants to be able to earn and help out with the grand kids! Or if you are just someone who cannot get down with the 9 to 5, then flexible working will be key to your happy and diverse working experience.

We are all about Productivity - there will be no clock watching on our site!


Next Steps...

Sometimes you need a new CV to access the #FlexibleWorking arena, especially if you want to highlight the skills that would make you a fabulous #FlexIsBest specimen!